Los Cabos

The trip to Los Cabos, there was no aggressive schedule, but sunny beach, casual towns and delicious food. It only takes two-and-half-hour flight to get there. It's a good choice for a short get-away.

Yucatán, Mexico – People

Mexicans share the happy spirit in their hearts no matter where they are. People don't seem to worry at all - they live in the present.

Yucatán, Mexico – Nature

Celestún Wildlife Refuge is a shallow lagoon. It is an ideal habitat for flamingos and other waterfowl species. The flock of thousands of pink flamingos certainly made our trip more exotic.

Yucatán, Mexico – City

Colonial cities in Yucatán Peninsula share the similar design - The streets are in chessboard-like grid. There is a central plaza with a park surrounded by stores and overlooked by a grand cathedral.

Yucatán, Mexico – Ruin

Maya civilization was one of the most advanced cultures in the world, but after its classic period between 300 and 900 AD, the civilization declined and what left today are tens of fascinating ruins throughout the peninsula.

Yucatán, Mexico – Beach

Yucatán peninsula is famous for its hundreds miles of beaches. Especially at the coast of the Caribbean Sea, the powdery, white-sand beaches are complemented by water in the crystal blue color. In terms of sheer beauty, it is one of the most alluring vacation destinations in the world.