Battle of the Sexes

httpvh:// Rather want to see Billie Jean's professional endeavors than her personal life. Rating: [rating: 3/5]

Luck or Destiny – Chelsea 4 : 3 Bayern

These Chelsea's best players couldn't win the Champions League title when they were at their best, but got it when their careers were about to end. It's the best reward to their diligence and determinations. It's the magic of the game.

The Fighter

httpvh:// A movie about brotherhood, family and brutal but captivating boxing. Rating: [rating: 4/5]

Drama on the Soccer Field

It's a quite dramatic day in the World Cup. The game between Brazil and Holland showed how a small mistake could change the whole game. Brazil is the most balanced team in this World Cup - the forwards are talented; and most importantly, they have the most reliable defending line…

Referee’s Mistakes are Part of the Game

If referees hadn't made mistakes, probably the results of both games would be the same. However, they left a lot of rooms of 'what if', especially because both goals are very crucial - one is an equalizer, the other is the first goal of the match. It's understandable that the…

United States 1:0 Algeria

Unlike most other fields inside and outside of sports, United States has never taken a commanding role in soccer. Although they are ranked 14th in the world, no one really consider them as a strong team. Maybe because America's role in other world affairs, maybe because they are new comers,…

Germany 4:0 Australia

First big-score game in 2010 World Cup. It's not because Germany is superior, it's because Australia plays in the same style as Germany, but not as good in every aspect. German team's skill, their conciseness and their persistence do help them win most of games. Only teams like Brazil or…

European Champions League‎ Final – Bayern vs. Inter

It's quite a boring game indeed. The excitements, Inter's regain of European Champion after 45 years, the magic of Mourinho, are outside the court. Inter basically gave up the ball control to Bayern and Bayern had no way, or talent, to break Inter's defence. Without Ribéry, Robben was the only…


httpvh:// Good sport movie, mediocre "main rhythm" movie. Rating: [rating: 3/5]