Top 10 News of Physics89 in 2001

Wang, Fusheng 10. The number of Physics89 employees passes the number of students Who is the first to work, and who will be the last? 9. Physics89 new marriages: Cui, Lin; Xu, Wang; Du, Weiliang; Wang, Jun; Zhao, Runchuan; and Liu, Xiaoming How many are still available? 8. Physics89 new…

Experience in 9-11 Attack

Qiang Ma (Johnny)

My dear friends,

This is Ma, Qiang (Johnny). I want to thank all of you that e-mailed me and called me (my wife picked most of your calls) to express your concerns and show your supports. My work place, World Financial Center, is right next to the WTC. It is completely shut down today. However, I am all right. So I am able to write to you today.


Some Reflections of the Fall

Gao, Huangyong

It always surprises me how soon the wind from north is coming. A shirt is no longer enough to keep you warm, but you still have a difficult time to remember putting on the jacket. In the night, the sound of the wind reminds you the long and darker winter of last year. You kind of feel lost, wondering if anything has changed.

But the afternoon sun becomes friendlier. You think of it as warm, not as hot. Even it does become hot, you do not complain, like you did ceaselessly just two months ago. Sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee in hand, you even begin to understand those people who lied on the beach when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Those people you called idiots just two months ago.


The First Step

Li, Gang

It is now 9:00pm on Dec.24th, 1998. X’mas is coming, and so is the dreaming…

Time went back to four years ago when I just arrived at JFK… Luo Camel and Tang girl were waiting there, waving their hands and I rushed to them… Although only been to States for four months, T-girl and L-camel have already learned how to effectively hug you… I wondered they must have practiced it many times, but with who… ???