Top 10 News of Physics89 in 2001

Wang, Fusheng 10. The number of Physics89 employees passes the number of students Who is the first to work, and who will be the last? 9. Physics89 new marriages: Cui, Lin; Xu, Wang; Du, Weiliang; Wang, Jun; Zhao, Runchuan; and Liu, Xiaoming How many are still available? 8. Physics89 new…

Device Physicist vs. Analog Circuit designer

Canyu Cao and Chongfei Shen


I’m considering switching to analog circuit design. Does anybody have any knowledge in that field? To be frank, my knowledge in that field is equivalent to my knowledge in law.

How does it compare with device physics?

It’s a hard decision for me now, any information will be valueable.


Analog Circuit designer <==> Lawyer, Doctor
Device Physicist <==> Clerk, Nurse

Analog Designer: You will trash your soul for the millions you will earn.
Device Physicist: You will be able to embrace your soul because you have nothing else to hold on to.

Analog Designer: Famous cook who make gourmet dishes.
Device Physicist: Blacksmith who fix cookware for the cook.

Analog Designer: Fashion models who show off their flashy silk shirts.
Device Physicist: Silkworms who originally made the silk.

… …


Phys’89 Passengers

Wang, Jun

Mr. Zhuang has done a marvelous job, far beyond my expectation. Huang’s work of Phys’89 drivers is also fantastic. I am so thankful to them to be overpraised as the “best driver” of Phys’89, which is obvious an undeserved complimentary to me. But I do drive a lot at our meeting both in Washington and Boston, and lots of guys have been my passengers. So this article is made as replenishment to Huang’s job.


Phys’89 Drivers

Huang, Xiaoming

Hi, buddies,

In this short report I just want to post some of my opinion about Phys’89 drivers.

I have ridden cars by some of 89 drivers. Among them, the most experienced (or appear to be) is Wang Jun. Great respect to him, and thanks for saving my life. When we were in Mount Washington, his brake didn’t work after we downhill from the summit. It was because he set the gear to neutral when going downhill, so he must use brake a lot. After a while, his wheel got overheated and didn’t work anymore. We waited some time for it to cool down. When we were about to go, I decided to sit in Jun’s car to accompany him to check out where we were going, the heaven, the hell or to see Marx. On the way, the leading car (by Lei Ming) led us to the reverse side for a short time to bypass a troubled car in our way. He did not even slow down a little bit. Both Jun and me did not notice that we were on the reverse side. So we headed on the coming car. Great great thanks to Wang Jun, he swerved our car suddenly back to our lane. Just within ONE SECOND. You know, he has an air bag in driver’s position but I don’t. So, strictly speaking, he just saved my life. Thanks to God, He let me still alive to write this stuff to entertain you (I hope so). Since I have sat his car for some times. I have to agree that he is the most experienced driver of 89 and the most dangerous one. The one who got drowned always can swim.