Galápagos – Red Beach


Rábida island is located less 3 miles to the south of Santiago island. The island is small in size and rich in volcanic activity patterns. Almost the entire perimeter of the island are volcanic cliffs, and only the beach on the north is suitable for visitors to land.

The lava from several volcanoes on Rábida island is rich in iron, which gives the island its distinctive reddish-brown hue. Near the landing site, the red cliffs are home to nesting Blue-footed boobies.

Rábida Island
Blue-footed boobies nesting on the cliffs
Common Noddy with Prickly Pear Cactus, Rábida Island
Common Noddy with Prickly Pear Cactus, Rábida Island

The most unique feature of Rábida island is its fine red sand beach. The white waves lap up against the red sand, a beauty that would be ranked on the top among all the beaches of the world.

Rábida Island
Red beach of Rábida Island

The sky was clearing somewhat as we climbed the hill to the right of the beach. From here you can clearly see the lagoon behind the beach. The hill is also full of Palo Santo trees.

Rábida Island
The lagoon right behind the beach, Rábida Island

As we walked along the path up the hill, it started raining for a while. The red volcanic rocks along the coast were covered with patches of Prickly Pear Cactus, which Marco said they looked like the ears of Mickey Mouse.

Rábida Island
The hiking trail of Rábida Island
Rábida Island
Cactus on the volcanic rocks

The walkable trails on Rábida Island are not very long. We turned back to the beach in 30 minutes. The beach continues around the hillside. There are sea lions and marine iguanas lying on the beach. Pelicans are nesting on the shore and this is a great place to see them up close.

Pelican, Rábida Island
A pelican nesting on the rock, Rábida Island
Galapagos Sea Lion, Rábida Island
Sea lions on the beach, Rábida Island
Rábida Island
A lonely marine iguanas on the volcanic rocks, Rábida Island

The distinctive red sand beach always adds a charm to the landscape. At the end of the beach is a towering cliff, as if the world ends here.

Rábida Island
The rock with unique shape on the beach, Rábida Island
Rábida Island
The towering cliff at the end of the beach, Rábida Island

The last thing I have to say is the crew who cleaned our room. Every time we came back from landing, not only were the beds neatly cleaned, but the crew also folded towels into various animal shapes, which shows the crew’s dedication and enthusiasm for their work.

Folded towels in the shape of elephant

We left Rábida Island before lunch. Our next stop is Sombrero Chino.

Rábida Island
Leaving Rábida Island

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