The Last Place on Earth – Antarctica

Lemaire Channel

Returned from Peru, we had a decision to make about our next trip. Tanzania and Antarctica were soon shortlisted. At last, we decided to go to Antarctica because after that we would have officially been to all the continents in the world.

Antarctica, often called the bottom of the world, the last place on earth, is the coldest, driest, windiest and highest place on our planet. A trip to Antarctica is often considered to be a once in a lifetime journey. The trip has to be carefully planned. Luckily, we soon found several reviews that cover not only tour companies and itineraries, but also clothing and camera gears. Since we would have to travel this far, we also included several attractions in Chile and Argentina in our trip.

In this 16-day journey, we traveled from the frozen continent to Buenos Aires in the height of summer; we experienced the places that only existed as geography terms previously, such as Drake Passage and Strait of Magellen; we were in awe observing thousands of penguins and breathtaking landscapes; and we were inspired again by Amundsen, Scott, Shackleton and their heroic expeditions. I hope I can record our excitements in the following posts.

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