Colorado Mountain Towns – Grand Junction

Grand Junction is located at the confluence of the Colorado River and Gunnison River. In addition to the big rivers, with the great hiking trails all around and the energetic downtown, it is the best choice as the last stop of our trip to Colorado.

Colorado Mountain Towns – Grand Mesa

Grand Mesa is the largest flat-topped mountain in the world, and a great place to see the fall colors and experience all four seasons in one day.

Colorado Mountain Towns – Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway, with its treacherous terrain and beautiful scenery, is known as one of the most beautiful highways in the United States. When we drove to Silverton, it was raining heavily and there were rocks rolling down the mountain. We had to be super cautious when driving, but the scenery really made the trip worthwhile.

Colorado Mountain Towns – Last Dollar Road

Known for its beautiful scenery and winding roads, Last Dollar Road is highly recommended as a top choice for enjoying the fall colors. With the help from the stormy weather, I was very lucky to capture a few shots I am happy with.

Colorado Mountain Towns – Telluride

Telluride's gondola is one of the city's highlights. It connects Telluride in the valley with the mountain village at the top of the mountain, offering the possibility of a wide range of activities in the surrounding area. The gondola is the best place to overlook the majestic San Juan mountains and beautiful scenery along its route, and its long running time makes it very convenient for guests visiting both areas.

Colorado Mountain Towns – Ouray

Like many other mountain towns in Colorado, Ouray has been converted from mining-centric town to a tourists destination. It is a basecamp for the outdoor explorations of the beautiful San Juan Mountains.

Colorado Fall Color – to Aspen

From Colorado Spring to Aspen, we didn't take the more ambitious road. The decision was right because we reached Aspen before dark and still got abundant photo opportunities along the way.

Colorado Fall Color – Rocky Mtn. NP

It's cloudy the whole afternoon when we were at the National Park, but the sky suddenly turned clear and the color was very sublet at sunset. Unfortunately, we have left the park and on our way to Colorado Spring at that time.