The Last Place on Earth – Drake Passage

An Antarctic experience without Drake is incomplete. It had been playing an enormously important role to make Antarctica the way it is today.

The Last Place on Earth – Deception Island

Deception Island has a narrow opening leading to the inner water. It has become a popular landing site because it's possible to have a warm bath on the beach near the volvanic area.

The Last Place on Earth – The Southernmost Post Office

It's been heavily cloudy for 3 days since we came to Antarctica, but we were so lucky that the sun finally came out and we had a beautify blue sky day when we were sailing at the most beautify route of our voyage.

The Last Place on Earth – An Evening Climb

We saw a lot of Gentoo Penguins today, but the highlight was the evening climb to view the Neko Harbour from the top and listen to the sound of silence.

The Last Place on Earth – Preparation

In hindsight, we feel that we were so over prepared because we had some very mild weather in Antarctica. However, volatility is the nature of the Antarctic weather. You should prepare for the worst.

The Last Place on Earth – Planning

When to visit, what to see, how to choose the ship and how much to pay are some important considerations when planning an Antarctica cruise trip.

The Last Place on Earth – Antarctica

We were fortunate to have a chance to make this once in a lifetime journey to Antarctica at the turn of the year. I wish to be able to share the excitements and inspirations in the following posts.