Drama on the Soccer Field

It’s a quite dramatic day in the World Cup.

The game between Brazil and Holland showed how a small mistake could change the whole game. Brazil is the most balanced team in this World Cup – the forwards are talented; and most importantly, they have the most reliable defending line – the defenders are the perfect examples of combination of skills and strength, and they have one of the best goal keeper in the world. Ironically, it is this dependable defending line gave up the victory to the Dutch team. Before the Holland’ first goal, there was no sign that they could even threat Brazilian’s goal; after that, the Brazilian became nervous and lost the control of the game. They failed to organize any meaningful counter attacks. Nevertheless, Dutch is lucky today.

If you think Dutch is lucky, then game between Uruguay and Ghana will just blow you away. The referee normally won’t give the game-deciding penalty kick at the last minute, but this one has to be given, and it is literally at the last second of the game. Totti’s penalty kick in the game between Italy and Australia of the last World Cup was in the last minutes of the match, but not this late. All Suarez did seemed only delayed the inevitable for a minute, but it turned out the action actually saved the team.

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