Greece – Athens

The Acropolis and the Parthenon temple have transcended their historical and architectural value and become the symbol of classic, perfection and the golden age of ancient Greek civilization.

Greece – Santorini – Head to Toe

We drove to Oia again, then went to the black beach at the east side and reached the very south of the island, Cape Akrotiri. From head to toe, we covered almost the whole island.

Greece – Santorini – Firá & Oia

The view of white-washed wall and the blue-domed churches with the Aegean sea as the backdrop is so unique that anyone who sees the picture of Santorini for the first time cannot believe such a place does exist in this world.

Greece – Corfu Island – Old Town

The main attraction of Corfu Island is its Old Town. Influenced by different European styles, the maze-like streets are packed with shops and visitors in the summer time.

Greece – From Luxor to Corfu

We took three continuous flights from Luxor to get Corfu Island only to be welcomed by a rainy day.