Luck or Destiny – Chelsea 4 : 3 Bayern

The football technical analysts and statisticians will not have peace of mind today. There is nothing can explain this result at the skill level. Chelsea was lucky; their older players were determinated; but the word that the commentaries used the most was, destiny. When Drogba equalized at 88 minutes, when Čech stopped Robben’s penalty, when they came back from early miss in penalty shoot-out, the commentary said, “something is happening here, the destiny has been written.” From Terry’s slip at the last penalty in 2008, to Fxxking disgrace in 2009, to today’s dramatic finish, the Chelsea core players, who have been with the team for more than 8 years, could not win the title when they were at their best, but at the time when they are at the end of their career, when their head coach was replaced by the assistant coach from nowhere in the middle of the season, when everyone considered them as underdog and their luck would run out, they got the glory they have been dreaming for. It’s the magic of the game.

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