Adopting a Cat

A friend is leaving for China because of job change, he found us to be the trusted friends to take care his beloved cat. When he brought the cat, who is a girl named DunDun, to our home, the cat showed no fear and started exploring the house right away. However, after we put the flea-control collar on her neck, it seemed that she suddenly realized she’s got a new host, so she rushed to the back of the couch and didn’t want to come out no matter what tricks my friend played with her. For the whole night, she hide either under the table or behind the TV, watching us anxiously and vulnerably.

The friend explained to us it’s normal and it could last for a few days. To his disappointment, it only lasted one day. Last night, the second day she’s been in our home, she started wooing my wife by rubbing against her legs. Today, she already trusts us enough by constantly pushing her head against us (head butts) or even showing her belly.

One thing concerns me is that she almost hasn’t eaten anything for the past two days. I hope that’s just because everything is too new for her.

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