Mt. Diablo Panorama

After having lunch at Koi Garden last weekend, we went to Mt. Diablo State Park. Mt. Diablo offers open mountain view and many choices of hiking trails. It is perfect for family activities.

At the summit’s view point, I took a series of pictures with my PowerShot A590. Came back home, I stitched them together using PTGui. The result looks satisfactory to me. Creating a panorama is pretty easy actually. Just make sure to overlap every successive frame with the previous frame by 20~30% when taking pictures. Then all you need to do is to drop these pictures to PTGui. Software can automatically put them together in the correct order and adjust brightness and contrast for you to make the stitched image looks smooth. Besides the typical image processing functions, PTGui also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). But, I didn’t take tripod with me so I was not able to take pictures with different exposure settings. I will try next time.

The following is a 360-degree panorama I took at the summit.

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