2010.4.24 ~ 5.2 Japan is the first non-English speaking country we visited. We spent several days each at two Japan’s most iconic cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, whose cultures are both familiar and estranged to us. We relaxed in Hakone, dipped in the hot springs by the river and experienced the most exquisite cuisine that is a treat to eyes and tastes.

North America

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2014.10.30 ~ 11.8 We wouldn’t plan a nine-day stay in a city if I hadn’t been attending a conference in Paris. This gave us plenty of time to explore the city of lights. Paris in early November is often rainy and chilly, but we were treated with unusual sunny and warm days. It can be disappointing if you follow a tour group and rush to a few landmarks, but if you slow down to feel the heart and soul of Paris, in the end, you will be saying, What a remarkable city!