Jackson Hole – Fireside Resort

The trip to Jackson Hole is special to us in that it made us realize that in cruelness and desolation there's always warmth and romance. They together make here such a magical place.

Jackson Hole – Dog Sled

This is our first time doing dog sledding. It's such an exciting experience. Although the conditions are harsh, sled dog are enduring by nature. We hope that they are taken good care of by their mushers.

Jackson Hole – Snowshoe Excursion

We didn't see any live animal during the snowshoeing activity, but the guide pointed us animal tracks every step along the way. A seemingly boring wilderness, life somehow prevails.

Jackson Hole – Wildlife Tour

Although we didn't see many animals in the wildlife tour, within a few hours, we experienced the weather transformation from the dark fog and heavy snow to the brilliance when the snow stopped. The cruel winter is a great challenge to both animals and human being.

Jackson Hole – Arrival

A short flight from San Francisco to Jackson Hole, we were welcomed by the open valleys and grand Teton mountain range, totally different from the narrow and confined city space.