Seattle – Olympic National Park

In hindsight, we should plan the trip to the park better. Given the distance from the city, you should plan to stay at least two nights in order to explore the Pacific side of the Olympic National Park.

Seattle – City

We spent one day to explore both sides of the downtown on foot.

Mt. Rainier – Paradise

The sun dispersed the clouds magically on our final day at the park. We were lucky to see many faces of the majestic Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier – A Walk in the Clouds

It's nice day for hiking but difficult for photography. At the end of the day, nothing beat the feeling of sitting in the cozy lodge, watching the gloomy weather outside and having a cold beer after a long walk.

Mt. Rainier – Sunrise

We went to Mt. Rainier with the expectation to see blooming wildflowers against the majestic mountains, but we only had a glimpse of the mountain before the clouds swallowed in everything.