No.1 PHYS’89 Trip (Autumn, 1997)

Reported by Yu Zhang in Boston

As time passes by, something happened in the past will fade out gradually in our memory, but our trip to Mt. Washington and Maine sea shore is the one full of happiness and unexpected excitement which is not easy to be forgotten.

Early in late September, when our 7 Boston guys met in a spacious sunny lounge room in MIT’s Tong Hall and playing “TRACTORS” excitingly, Lei Ming and Tao Kao brought out this plan to see around the beautiful fall scenery of New England. As US new comers as I, Xiaofeng Liu (who is a super photo taken fan) and Miss Tian, we were all exited and applaused this good idea, and then the background labor works were undertaken by our kind hearted forerunners, Lei and Tao. Two weeks later, everything was ready and since Oct.13 (Monday), happens to be the Columbus’ day, that means we have a long weekend, it is ideal time to take this trip.