Egypt – Luxor

Luxor was the ancient city of Thebe. Its glorious past has not only been inspiring people around the world till today, but also making fortunes for countless robbers in its 3000-year history.

Egypt – Abu Simbel

Originally, we almost decided not to go to Abu Simbel, but eventually, we changed our plan. How could we come so close to Egypt without seeing the place that often make to the list of "things to do before you die"?

Egypt – From Luxor to Aswan

From Karnak to Temple of Horus and Kom Ombo, every bit of broken walls or fallen obelisk can be associated to some legendary myth, figure or event of the past. This is history!

Egypt – White Desert

We watched the stars quietly rising and setting over the horizon during the night, and felt fascinated waking up among the bizarre-looking rocks in the morning.

Egypt – Western Desert

4-hour drive from Cairo to Bahariya followed by another 2-hour drive in the desert, the White Desert trip is the highlight of our entire journey.

Egypt – Cairo Impression

Cairo impressed us not only by its unparalleled history but also by the notorious traffic and "baksheesh" culture.

Egypt – Cairo

We went through a time travel by revisiting the pyramids, exploring Islamic Cairo and wandering in the star-war-scene-like Mosque of Ibn Tulun.

Egypt – Cairo

While we were standing on the Giza Plateau, the pyramids didn't seem to be mysterious to us anymore, but their sheer size still overwhelmed us.

Egypt – Start

After almost a full day on the road, we finally checked into the hotel overlooking the ever-mysterious Nile River.