Copenhagen – Day Trip – Roskilde

Roskilde's history can be dated back to the Viking time, until the end of the medieval, Roskilde was the most important city and religious center of Danmark.

Copenhagen – Scandinavian Cuisine

Denmark not only is ranked as the leader in arts, architecture and industrial design, but also originates the new Nordic Cuisine, which promotes the innovative ways of use local and seasonal produce. Copenhagen is in the center of this new inspiration.

Copenhagen – Statues

Like many European cities, Copenhagen is dotted with many statues. The most famous one is unarguably "The Little Mermaid".

Copenhagen – Castles

Copenhagen is a royal city, and home to one of the world's oldest monarchies. This left the city with many castles, palaces and monuments.

Copenhagen – Garden

Due to the mildness and humidity of the weather, there are a lot of green spaces in Copenhagen. The lavish color, open atmosphere provide the perfect get-away for people in the city.

Copenhagen – City

Immune from the cold skyscrapers and congested city streets, People in Copenhagen chose to stay who they are. Now the city is not only the most liveable, but also the most modern in arts, design and culture.