Zenfolio’s Updates on Theme Design, Slideshow and SEO

Zenfolio‘s latest mega update sets itself apart from the competitors. Zenfolio has been good at well-organized configuration pages, but some complained that it is not that customizable compared to Smugmug, especially at advanced account level. With this update, the theme customization feature is hugely improved . The best thing is that you can inherit an existing theme and start tweaking the look-and-feel for all components and save it as your own theme. It is a great feature by itself, and Zenfolio’s engineers made it so easy to use, so beautify to look at and it is available even for basic account level.

Another big improvement is that the home page can be customized with new layouts and new slideshow. It gives users great flexibility to create elegant, professional and gorgeously looking site. I am really thinking of upgrading to Premium level.

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    It is a great flexibility to inherit the theme and make it your own theme.There are also some others good features.thanks

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