Export Google Maps’ Route to KML

I have been thinking of displaying photos I took at places I traveled on Google Maps. I think it is a great way to present two of my hobbies, photography and travel. Many geotagging software can map GPS coordinates and synchronize timestamps of GPS and EXIF tags embedded in the photos, so they can put pictures at exactly where they were taken. However, carrying a GPS device and keeping it on throughout the trip is cumbersome, (a camera with GPS would be nice); in fact, often that kind of accuracy is not needed. There is a way to translate Google Maps’ multi-destination route to a KML file using GPS Visualizer‘s services. After that, you can either overlay the KML on Google Maps, or upload it to services like everytrail or locr with your pictures. My travel page is created with this approach.

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    I agree, it’s a good post with great tips, thanks! Here’s another free online tool to convert gpx to kml and kml to gpx files when needed. Though it might be useful. Cheers!

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