SmugMug vs. Zenfolio

After processing the pictures from our Banff and Jasper trip, I feel it’s time to move my photo gallery to an online photo hosting service, because I think the current presentation of my gallery website is not up to my standard and the accessing speed is slow. Flickr and Picasa are more for casual hosting. I eventually end up deciding between SmugMug and Zenfolio.

SmugMug has much longer history than Zenfolio, but as a new comer, Zenfolio has certain advantages. I don’t want to make money from the pictures and I want to do minimum customization, so my evaluation is based on the features for standard/basic users. At this time, I slightly prefer Zenfolio for the following reasons,

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  1. Andrew


    I’ve been waiting to see which you would choose. It’s a hard call, because they both look great and offer a few advantages over the other, I think. I really like your pics! I just wanted to give you a heads-up, though. If you do decide to go with Zenfolio, check this blog:

    I just found out about this a while ago myself. Apparently, there’s always a 20% discount if you use that code, but if you do it before the end of the clock strikes midnight tonight (Monday, 9/7/09), you can 40% off the Premium price! I’ve had a SmugMug membership for a year, and was thinking of renewing, but wanted to do a Zenfolio trial, too. That may have tipped the scales for me; it’s a great deal. Just wanted to pass it along because I liked your blog and images. 🙂

  2. admin

    Thanks for info. Too bad I’ve signed up with Zenfolio a week ago. The discount doesn’t apply to me. I probably will sign up to Smugmug as well. For basic level account, the rate is really not high.

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