Dubai – Will the Fantasy Last?

You must have seen this (Burj Al Arab Hotel),

Burj Al Arab Hotel

You probably also watched splendid fireworks of Atlandis the Palm Hotel‘s opening ceremony,

Atlandis the Palm

And supposely, you would see these in a few years,

Dubai, the most rapidly developing metropolis, is an ideal platform for architects experimenting their futuristic design. Most of these buildings bear the name, the tallest, the largest or most luxurious of the world.

However, Dubai is not immuned to the global economic slowdown, real-estate crashes and especially the credit crunch. Trump Tower project has been concelled. While Burj Dubai is still in construction, the rent of office space has dropped significantly. Constructors fleed away, and Dubai itself is on the verge of bankruptcy. After all, these spetacular building, resorts and shopping malls are built by the poor for the rich. When the bubble breaks, the fantacy is not going to sustain.

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